What ages do you cater for?

I am happy to take any age, however for climbing we really need to make sure a harness and helmet can fit.  My son started climbing in a harness at around 5 years old.  If you’re 105 and want to try climbing, you’re my kind of person!

I haven't any equipment, can you help?

I provide all the specialist equipment needed. I’ll give you a list of things you’ll need to bring, such as a coat, drink, etc. If you have any concerns, we can chat and work something out. 

Can I leave my children with you?

A parent/guardian must accompany people who are under 18.  You do not need to participate (but you may not be able to resist), but must remain throughout, and of course take as many photos as your phone can handle.

Do I need special clothes?

I’ll give you a list of what you need before the day.  There should be nothing on there that you won’t have at home. If there is a problem just let me know.

Do I need climbing shoes?

If you have them great, but we’ll use climbs that you can manage without climbing shoes.

What locations do you use?

There are a few locations on the Gower that are great, I also use places in the Neath Valley (and further afield).

What are the differences between 'trad' & 'sport' climbing?

If you have never tried climbing before, don’t worry about the differences. Let’s get you climbing and we can chat more.  

Sport climbing generally uses ‘bolts’ that are drilled into the rock that you clip into for safety. ‘Trad’ is where you put metal things in the rock yourself, and your climbing partners take them out after you, leaving no trace of you climbing the rock. 

Can you teach me to lead climb?

Yes. We teach indoor lead climbing, and can setup a top rope for you to simulate this outdoors.

If you want to learn to place your own ‘trad’ gear, we don’t focus on this but there are some amazing guides locally that can help you,  I would recommend the follow two companies:

Stu McInnes @ www.climbingcompany.co.uk
Matt Woodfield @ www.outdoor-matters.co.uk

Pam & Moritz Chalk Bags